tisdag 11 november 2014

Catalog for Tenggren auction available now

Accompanying the release of the first Gustaf Tenggren biography, a once-in-a-lifetime auction is held at the Stockholms Auktionsverk, (Stockholm Auction House). On December 3rd, at the Classic quality auction of Fine Art and Antiques, 36 examples of Tenggren's art are held for sale. For this occasion, a special offprint has been made from the regular catalog, listing the works. It can be downloaded as a pdf here. The viewing of the auction will be November 21-30.
Cover of the special offprint for the Tenggren auction.
Thursday November 27, a special release of the Tenggren biography, Gustaf Tenggren - en biografi, is held. The book, published by Kartago, will be available at book stores November 17. Despite its being available only in Swedish from the beginning, it contains a whole lot of Tenggren art and biographical photos.
Art from the auction: Gustaf Tenggren's self-portrait, 1914.
Art from the auction: Walpurgis night, 1916.

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