måndag 24 augusti 2015

Hidden treasures revealed

A great addition to the canon of lauds on the early designers of The Disney Golden Years has arrived last week. Didier Ghez' "They drew as they pleased" is the first in a row of biography compilations, covering the foremost inspirational artists that gave the look and feel to the Disney movies through the years.
Lars Emanuelsson with a copy of "They drew as they pleased" by Didier Ghez.
This first one in the series presents the most prominent artists of the nineteenthirties: Albert Hurter, Ferdinand Horwath, Gustaf Tenggren and Bianca Majolie. The research for the biographies are very thorough and present a whole lot of new data, and along with the spectacular images, of which most are so far unpublished, this book makes up a real treasury of knowledge, beauty and inspiration.
The book release is due for September 8, but it can be pre-ordered here.
To the advantages of this publication may be added that it features some wonderful, hitherto unseen images of Gustaf Tenggren artwork. Also the front and back cover sports great Tenggren art which, in my opininon, is quite accurate.  

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