måndag 16 augusti 2021

Gustaf Tenggren, the toddler

Just recently, I had the pleasure to receive this photo. It may look as an average 120-year old family group photo, but it is probably the first image ever showing Gustaf Tenggren together with his siblings, and of Gustaf himself  at that. 

Here we see Gustaf's mother Augusta along with her six children. The family father, Aron Enoch, is not present, reason unknown. 

The persons are:
On top, Olga Natalia b. 1888, and Anna Teresia b. 1886.
In front of them Ester Konstantia b. 1892 and  Agnes Olivia b. 1894.
Sitting in front, Erik Sigurd b. 1890 and deceased in 1897 from diphtheria. This is the only photo I have ever seen of him, possibly the only existing. It has been said that he was artistically gifted and carved little figures of wood like his grandfather, Johan Teng. 
And on mom’s lap, Gustaf Adolf b. 1896. Gustaf is barely a couple of months old. You can see that he does not want to sit still in front of the camera. 
Although not dated, the image can actually be quite accurately placed in time. The photo must have been taken some time in between Gustaf’s birth November 3, 1896 and Erik’s death on January 30, 1897. 
The following year, in 1898, the family would move to Gothenburg, where Gustaf's younger brother, Gunnar, was born in 1899. 

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